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Ken Starr MD

Nasal Spray Pure NAD+ Coenzyme 1

Nasal Spray Pure NAD+ Coenzyme 1

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The Ken Starr MD Wellness Group is the home of NAD+. We have been using this product in our clinic for several years and have not been disappointed. 

 NAD+ ( Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) can help decrease withdrawal and cravings. It can accelerate healing from Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). NAD+ supplementation is fantastic for overall health and wellness. It supports sleep, immune function, liver health, and cognitive function. 

NAD+ levels have proven to decline as we age. We know that higher levels of NAD+ are required for optimal immune system support. One of the simplest ways to strengthen your immune system and increase the ability to fight off infections is to supplement with NAD+ or a NAD precursor such as Nicotinamide Riboside. 

This nasal spray is custom made for our clinic and is only available in limited quantities. 

300mg/ml Nasal Spray. 14ml/ bottle. Each Spray is 0.1ml or 30mg. 140 sprays/bottle

Depending on your condition, the usual dose is 1 spray in each nostril once or twice daily. Detoxing patients would use more. The NAD nasal spray offers immediate absorption into the CNS.

Notice: The nasal spray only comes with a plastic protective cap and NOT wrapped. They have not been used or opened.  

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